Mobile-Friendly Shopping Cart for Target

Today’s in-store mobile experience is crippled by the outdated design of the current shopping cart, a tool that has not seen any meaningful advancement in 40 years. Our talent helped Target develop a seemingly simple innovation – a clip-on tray – that would bring the shopping cart experience into the 21st century.

A Thoughtful Approach

After testing several concepts, we landed on a design that not only creates an elegant shopping experience, but is also sustainably-minded. We looked at how the materials and functionality would impact the environment and how using micro-geometry, a pattern similar to shark skin, would discourage bacterial growth and decay.

Optimized Shopping

Ultimately, the tray gives customers an easy way to move through the store while pushing a cart and using their smartphone or tablet. This simple modification also allows Target to make a simple modification to its existing fleet of carts, rather than develop an entirely new model.